Guide to Enhance Your E-Commerce Business in Pakistan with Packaging

  • December 19, 2023

All of us are aware of the importance of the product’s packaging. Quality packaging plays a huge role in the brand’s development, whether in retail or e-commerce. Since the past few years, Pakistan's e-commerce sector has observed exponential growth. A great number of people in the country are gravitating towards online shopping. Have you opened an e-commerce store and wanted it to succeed nationwide? You have to improve the product’s packaging. The box is the first thing that people notice after seeing their order. That’s why it must be attractive enough to appeal to buyers immediately. It’s needless to say that to the customer. 

Importance of E-Commerce Packaging

All of us acknowledge the fact that post-COVID has given birth to online businesses all across the globe. The e-commerce industry has also witnessed massive growth in Pakistan in the past few years. Plenty of brands in Pakistan are selling the highest quality products online. However, it is becoming challenging for newbie brands to make their brand recognizable and enhance product sales growth. Therefore, the rising competition has made brands conscious of their packaging methods. There is no better option than customized e-commerce packaging to make customers feel satisfied and special. 

Through this blog, you will be able to gather details on how customized packaging will be a driving force behind the progress of e-business in Pakistan. Let’s delve into the details of the article. 

Satisfy Clients with the right-size Shipping Boxes

Ready-made and generic packaging has a standard size and shape. You cannot alter it under the product’s demands. Customization is a completely different procedure. It allows you to design the shape and box’s size as the product demands. For example, you are selling skin care items online. For that purpose, you will require a small box that fits the containers. An inaccurate-size box does not appear appealing and puts the products at risk of damage. Thus, clients become content with the product’s quality when they see it packed perfectly.

Build Client’s Trust with Eco-Friendly Packaging

Green packaging is a very helpful tool to enhance online store sales. Today, customers are not only concerned about brands but have become careful about the environment's health. Therefore, they always shop from those companies that prioritize the environment while box manufacturing. As an online business owner, you can boost sales with the help of biodegradable packaging. The product’s packaging is highly sturdy and capable of lasting for a longer period. Moreover, packaging is easy to recycle and reuse.  That’s why, buyers favor opting for your business for online shopping because of observing its positive attitude towards the health of the planet Earth. 

Enhance Brand Awareness with Printed Packaging

It’s been estimated that over 50% of people finalize products after getting inspired by their packaging. Printed packaging is an influential source for building a brand’s identity. A customized box with interesting artwork and the brand’s logo image looks awe-inspiring. The logo on the box gives people an idea of the company’s name and helps them attain loyalty. Moreover, it becomes easy for buyers to memorize the brand for their next purchase.

Utmost Product Protection During Transportation

The biggest concern in e-commerce is the product’s shipment. Ready-made boxes with a fragile paper tear away during transportation and become the reason for damaging products. You can imagine how much generic packaging can degrade a brand’s name when clients see products damaged inside the package. Do you want to give safe and sound storage to high-valued goods? Then custom-made boxes are going to be of great help. They are built using the stiffest corrugated paper. The flutes inside the corrugated paper strengthen the box and make it tincture-, tear-, or wear-resistant. In this way, products do not break or suffer damage. They ship to the client’s doorsteps in their actual form. Moreover, you can increase the thickness of the paper according to the product’s requirements.

Offers Clients a Memorable Experience

Compared to standard packaging, an innovative design of mailer packaging has the stamina to create a lasting impact on the buyers. There are a lot of additional elements to add an individualized feel to the packaging. For example, inserts in shipping boxes are ideal for transporting fragile goods in safe and sound condition. Inserts in boxes act as dividers. They do not let the products fluctuate or crash out with each other. Moreover, adding printed stickers, tissue paper labels, etc., is also best to improve the client’s unboxing experience. 

Reliable Facility for E-Commerce Packaging in Pakistan 

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